Music Review: EP: All Out by K/DA

When K/DA burst onto the global scene in November 2018 with their electrifying music video, “POP/STARS”, the virtual music realm experienced a seismic shift.

With a fusion of K-pop and English lyrics, this fictional ensemble, boasting characters from the renowned “League of Legends” game like Evelynn (voiced by Madison Beer), Akali (Soyeon), Ahri (Miyeon), and Kai’Sa (Jaira Burns), left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and non-fans alike.

Their groundbreaking debut not only amplified “LoL”’s presence but also shone a spotlight on the talented K-pop group, (G)I-DLE.

With “POP/STARS” cementing K/DA’s place in the virtual music landscape, fans eagerly anticipated more. Thankfully, “LoL” tuned into this fervor, culminating in the sensational EP, “All Out.” While all its five tracks are mesmerizing, let’s delve deep into two gems accompanied by stunning music videos.

1. ‘More’ – A Mesmeric Melody with Visual Brilliance

“More,” the EP’s second offering, is a melodic masterpiece. It retains the original K/DA quartet, with a fresh voice – Seraphine, brought to life by Lexie Liu. The song erupts with Akali’s fierce rap, setting the tempo.

The bridge is an enchanting blend of Evelynn and Ahri, paving the way for an irresistible chorus. A notable change from the debut is Jaira Burns taking the center stage with a solo, and it’s nothing short of perfection. Seraphine’s entry, accentuated by Liu’s Mandarin rendition, adds a delightful twist.

The visual treat of “More” is a fusion of animated realism. From textures to details, everything is meticulously crafted, with character designs echoing traces of “POP/STARS”. The choreography appears more fluid, aided by improved motion capture techniques.

The brilliance of lighting and shadowing adds depth, making the video a technicolor dream. It’s a testament to “LoL”’s commitment to quality and innovation.

2. ‘Villain’ – A Beautiful Contrast of Light and Darkness

“Villain,” featuring the voices of Kim Petras and Madison Beer, serves as a reminder of K/DA’s dynamic range. It’s catchy with an upbeat tempo, yet the lyrics tell a tale of darkness, fitting for the enigmatic Evelynn.

Vocal distortions pepper the track, culminating in an intense climax. The accompanying video is a visual symphony. The realism depicted, from the textures to light plays, challenges the boundaries of animation.

One can’t help but marvel at a segment where metal seamlessly transitions into snake-skin fabric, symbolizing the fluidity of Evelynn’s character.

To encapsulate, K/DA’s latest musical ventures are not just tracks, but experiences. If you haven’t yet immersed yourself in their universe, now’s the time. Prepare to be enthralled.