What is architecture? A student's short essay

TechNews Writer
Mon Apr 01, 2019

Since the first time man started building, we inherited the skill of architecture. Architecture is a skill that needs to be mastered. It can be taught, but only minds with a knack for peculiar thinking can truly master it. Architecture is a mixture of engineering, mechanics, and art. It is that one job wherein an individual must be an engineer, an artist, and most important of all, a realist.

Architecture involves using the most basic of design concepts and mixing them up in a way that not only serves an artistic purpose but is also functional. We have built skyscrapers touching heights beyond our wildest imaginations. All of it wouldn’t have been possible without an architect who thought of the impossible and had innovative ideas to make use of every piece of technology at their disposal to make it happen.

Some may even argue that the architect only needs to make sure the design and the aesthetics are appealing, or in simpler terms, ensure that the building is pretty enough. In reality, the architect is responsible for every aspect of their creation from inception to completion. An architect must ensure that the building is aesthetically appealing and realistically completed. The architect is present throughout the entire process.

Architecture, in many ways, also influences our society, as it has always been a means of communicating a society's values along with its deep and rich cultural heritage. Some examples include the Moguls with their domes, the English with their castles, and the French with their villas. The architecture allows each civilization to tell its story and to express themselves for years to come.

In the olden times, architecture was primarily based upon stone, grit, and bricks, but with the advent of modern architecture where the primary materials used are steel, glass, and reinforced concrete, things have changed. We have entered a new era where architects can create new and innovative designs, push boundaries, and explore new frontiers with their innovative and outlandish designs and creativity.



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