Life is all about perspective

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 21, 2022

Sometimes we get so involved in ourselves that we forget the mere fact that there are multiple perspectives to look at things from and even more ways do things. Just imagine the number of possible things you could have done the last time you were in dire straits. I read on the internet that when one is sad or feels alone, most likely they cry their hearts out, but wait! That is not the only option. If only that person could think from another standpoint, they would choose to do some travel or even read a book or hit their favorite store and spend a few bucks to relax. Being able to view life from a different point is a valuable trait I think everyone must develop.

I personally, to some extent developed, an attitude of thinking from multiple perspectives. This has helped me connect with a lot of new people and empathize with the ones that are close to me. When you put yourselves in others' shoes, you understand why they do certain things in certain ways; it is not what is happening at the moment but what might have happened sometime earlier. And to understand that and to give them space when required is a crucial thing. 

For this same reason, I hate going to zoos and watching animals perform acts on command. If only we take a moment to think from the animals' standpoint, we would realize it has no choice. Having been separated from its natural habitat and locked away in a cage or small aquarium (rather than being in a big and beautiful forest or ocean), it is forced to put on a show for us. I personally hate this. If you look back in time, when the entire world was asked to stay back home under the happenstance of COVID-19 lockdowns, many went into depression and couldn't handle the pressure and pain. An animal in a zoo would probably feel the same or even worse than what we felt. 

Try looking at every situation from multiple frames of reference and choose the one that is right, or just whichever one helps you or helps you empathize with others. I would like to remind a beautiful quote I came across recently: “Be kind whenever possible and it is always possible." That would be the vantage point from which everyone must choose to work from.



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