Armour College to Illinois Institute of Technology

Armours College

You might already know a fair bit about the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) from its reputation, but did you know about its humble beginnings? Founded on the generosity of several philanthropists, IIT stands as a testament to the power of dreams and determination. From Gunsaulus’s Vision to Armour’s Support The inception of Illinois Tech … Read more

Bermuda Triangle: Incidents and Mystery Theories


The Bermuda Triangle, a region in the Atlantic Ocean encompassing Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, has long been steeped in mystery and intrigue. Over a thousand ships and airplanes have vanished within its boundaries in the last century, leaving no traces behind and capturing the imagination of people worldwide. Spanning an area of 1,300,000 square … Read more

Ethics in Tech: Illinois Tech Alum Vinesh Kannan Quits Google

Illinois Tech Alum Vinesh Kannan Quits Google

What does it take to quit a promising career at one of the most prestigious tech companies in the world? In February 2021, Illinois Institute of Technology alum Vinesh Kannan resigned from his job as a software engineer at Google Shopping, the tech giant’s shopping arm, citing the company’s controversial terminations of Dr. Timnit Gebru … Read more

The Twilight Saga to Be Remade with A Muppet Cast – Epic Mashup

Twilight Saga to Be Remade with A Muppet Cast

The unexpected occurred on March 19, 2021, as Summit Pictures dropped a bombshell announcement. They were set to rework the globally beloved “Twilight” film saga, a series that had once captured the hearts of millions around the globe with its tale of a star-crossed love between a vampire and a mortal. However, the twist to … Read more

Play review: “The Flies” by Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre’s “The Flies” draws heavily from Aeschylus’ “Orestes.” Weaving existential themes into ancient Greek narratives, Sartre presents a dramatic exploration of government ideological control, religious guilt, and radical freedom. However, the play’s heavy-handed narrative often feels condescending, compromising its overall impact. Plot Synopsis The Setting: Thirteen years post-Agamemnon’s murder following his return from the … Read more

The Rise and Fall of Tamil Rockers: Home of Indian Pirated Media


In the digital age, where content is just a click away, the shadowy realm of online piracy emerges as a stark reality. One notorious player in this underworld is Tamil Rockers, a website infamous for uploading newly released movies on the very day they hit theaters. This article delves into the intricate web of piracy, … Read more

Illinois Tech Administration Response to COVID-19 Issues: Messy

illinois tech administration

As the fall semester commences, universities worldwide are grappling with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration at our university has implemented a stay-online policy for the first two weeks, coupled with a mandatory COVID-19 test for those on campus. However, the execution of these policies has raised several concerns among students, particularly … Read more

The Sanity Effects of “eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem”

Eternal Darkness

In 2002, the gaming world was introduced to a unique horror experience unlike any other. The Canadian game developer Silicon Knights, now defunct, released a game for the Nintendo GameCube titled “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.” This action-adventure horror game allowed players to step into the shoes of various characters throughout human history, from 26 B.C. … Read more

An Obituary for The Nasa Rover Opportunity: Saying Goodbye

Mars rover Opportunity NASA video

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity (or “Oppy” as she was known to friends) was officially declared dead by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Wednesday, February 13. She died at the age of 15 in Perseverance Valley. According to NASA, she landed on Mars on January 24, 2004, just three weeks after her twin, … Read more