Bermuda Triangle: incidents and mystery theories

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Mon Oct 17, 2022

Over a thousand of ships and airplanes have vanished in the last 100 years without leaving any traces or even capturing anyone's imagination. They are disappearing in the Bermuda triangle - an area of a great mystery. The Bermuda Triangle refers to the region in the Atlantic Ocean that includes Florida, Bermuda, and Plutodica. It covers 1,300,000 square kilometers, and it is sometimes referred to as the "Devil's triangle". 20 ships and four airplanes go missing each year in the Bermuda Triangle. No one can figure out how the ships are disappearing, which makes it a mystery. Even now, people have no idea if the cruisers drown or collapse. Thousands of disappearances have occurred here up to this point. However, five incidents were particularly prominent in the public eye.

The first incident is that of flight 19. On December 5, 1945, the U.S. Military sent five navy planes to the Bermuda Triangle region as part of the routine training. This group of five fighter planes was given the name "Team 19". They received a voicemail from the captain of flight 19 after two hours which implied that their compasses were malfunctioning. 14 people of that squad and the five planes did not come back home until after the sunset. The U.S. Navy dispatched a 13-person team to that location in order to rescue the missing. However, this flight did not return, too. Still to this day, nobody knows what happened to those people.

United States Ship (USS) Cyclops is an incident number two. Many people lost their lives in the USS Cyclops cargo ship catastrophe. In times of conflict, the collier is used to supply fuel to other cruisers. This ship went missing with 306 crew members on March 4, 1918. After that, no information was found about the crew or the ship.

Christopher Columbus is an incident number three. When leaving the Bermuda Triangle in 1492, the legendary explorer Christopher Columbus noticed some odd lights and what appeared to be a massive fireball in the sky shortly before his magnetic compass stopped working. In his log book, he recorded all of this.

Bruce Gernon Time Travel is an incident number four. Bruce Gernon began his solo flight to the Bahamas from Florida in December 1970. On his route, Bruce's plane abruptly entered a massive cloud. The cloud was described by Bruce as electrical fog. He suddenly noticed several continuous high-intensity lights that resembled photo flashes. Later, the plane emerged from that cloud. Bruce could see the Miami beach ahead of him. The amazing thing about this is that it takes 75 minutes to fly from Florida to Miami Beach. Bruce, though, arrived in just 47 minutes. Therefore, it is thought that the pilot went back in time by 28 minutes.

Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) is an incident number five. In 1964, the U.S. Navy declared that the Bermuda Triangle mystery does not exist. However, following the event with flight 19, AUTEC set up an underwater American base. From there, they monitor events in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has since gained a reputation as a strange location. Many people have various beliefs regarding what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle. From those, four theories are well-known.

One theory is the Atlantis' largest city. Recently, a rock fountain was discovered underwater in the Bermuda Triangle. They gave it a name Bemini Road. It was found that this formation is made up of people which scientists attribute to the most powerful city in the Atlantis' past. That is the explanation for the Bermuda Triangle. At that time, the city of Atlantis received its power from the large crystals that produced crystal energy. The leftover crystal technology causes compasses to malfunction. This is cited by many as the cause of the missing ships and aircrafts.

The Gulf Stream is a theory number two. At the Bermuda Triangle, the ocean is 28,373 feet deep. On the ocean's surface, there is a powerful stream of water. Due to this flow, sunken ships are forced to the ocean's surface far from the Bermuda Triangle. Because of this, according to this theory, there are no indications of the locations of the missing cruisers.

Methane gas is the third theory. Large bubbles of methane gas are present in large volume on the water surface in the Bermuda Triangle's region. Due to the gas bubbles being big, the burst of even one can cause a huge ship to drown. According to the scientists, this is the reason why ships go missing from this mysterious location.

There is also a large master pyramid theory which claims that the power of that pyramid is what causes all these wonders. 

In conclusion, no matter the cause, it is heart breaking to lose so many people each year. Hopefully, with the modern technologies available today, we will solve the mystery of the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.




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